Friday, 18 December 2009

Interesting Social Robots...

Social Robotic Research Ideas:

In thinking about field research ideas, I am considering studying the following technologies within uniquely domestic environments:

The anthropomorphization of roomba robotic products interests me. How do people anthropomorphize the roomba (name? dress? talk to/about)? Why do people anthropomorphize the roomba (what cues are they responding to?)? What are the duration and intensity of these practices.

2. Pleo

Pleo is very interesting to me because I have encountered many Pleo inspired blogs that speak about intense maternal feelings experienced in relations to owning and interacting with this robot dinosaur. I am interested in exploring the intensity, duration, and nature of these feelings and interactions.

A relatively new robotic product, I am interested in way in which a technology such as this is integrated into domestic spaces. What feelings are elicited by the robot (guilt? motivation? affection?).